After the forced closure of EDSR LTD and the dismantling of its flag ship Extra

Dimensional Sound Receiver Machines the newly formed Trans Dimensional Police Department named Yoddropper as the first ever worlds most wanted man by the TDPD. New laws now being enforced make it illegal for anyone other than pre authorised government officials and the TDPD to use consciousness assisted technologies for anything other than world security. In anticipation of these new laws and giving the new authorities a middle finger of defiance, YRPR developed the Technoscious System 3690. A much smaller, more portable version of the EDSR TECH so that he can carry on with the work he was doing with EDSR, all be it now illegally. As a tactical measure and In hope that being wanted by the TDPD for being Technoscious Pirate #1 won't plague live streams with unwanted blackouts and interruptions caused by the TDPD.

Yoddropper had to go underground trying to stay one step ahead of the TDPD but still regularly surf the trans dimensional highways using his Technoscious system to receive and then transmit Inter-dimensional Braindance music into this Dimensions reality.